Suare - L'Italiano Exclusive Manufacturer


Suare Exclusivity:

Suarè makes arancine, and only arancine.
They are good arancine, very good.
And they are above all REAL arancine, produced according to the recipes of the Sicilian tradition.
And from Sicily the Saurè arancine arrive throughout Italy. In bars as in delicatessens, for restaurants or catering, throughout the national territory, offering its customers an arancina Suarè means offering an original, traditional, healthy product.
In a world that is increasingly in a hurry, with demanding customers, who often ask for a meal "on the fly", the arancina Suarè is the best alternative to the usual sandwich, or ready-made dish. It is a unique, quick, rice-based meal, ideal for families as for business appointments or a tasty break.
The Sicilian hot table is famous all over the world. With Suarè you can offer the product par excellence of our gastronomy, arancina, bringing to your place the flavor and taste of the most authentic Sicily, with great convenience and unbeatable quality


100% Made in Italy Certified Products

The 100% Made in Italy Certification provides consumers with the guarantee on the Italian orgin and the quality of purchased products. Manufacturers issued with the 100% Made in Italy Certification undergo a series of checks in order to verify that the entire production cycle takes place in Italy. The Certification follows the directives set in current Italian laws.