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Olearia Ranieri

Olearia Ranieri Exclusivity:

In the exclusive olive grove of the Ranieri company the prevailing variety is the Carolea, strongly representative of our Calabria, precious for its dual attitude. The oil that is extracted is of excellent quality, has a golden yellow color with amber reflections, with a medium fruity flavor, where toasted aromas blend with vegetal notes with slight hints of fruit. The taste is delicate, sweet, of good intensity with bitter and spicy notes. A harmonious oil that lends itself well to enhancing all the flavors without covering them. The oil produced by Carolea is a balanced oil that can be consumed as it comes out of the separator: "perfect at birth"! 

In the heart of Calabria, where the sea breeze of the Gulf of Squillace meets that of the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia, the optimal climatic condition that the olive tree needs is born. We find ourselves in the so-called "Isthmus of Catanzaro", the narrowest point in Calabria where the opposite gulfs push into the territory with the desire to meet. Right in the middle of the large Gulf of Squillace, the Magna-Greek and Roman colonies sprang up and flourished since the 6th century BC. to which we owe the presence of the olive tree in Calabria imported from Asia Minor. The enormous development and diffusion of this ancient crop is due to the temperate-warm type of climate, typical of the Mediterranean area characterized by mild winters, hot and dry summers...



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