Lemon Olive oil ciambellone donut - L'Italiano Recipe

Lemon Olive oil ciambellone donut

Time: 50min

The ciambellone is an easy to make and highly appreciated dessert; it can be said, contrary to how we are usually used to hearing, that "all donutscome out with the hole "! Yes, because this preparation is always a hit for breakfast or for a sweet break during the day. Today we offer you another variation: the donut with olive oil, a soft and tasteful recipe enveloping, with an Lemon-flavored dough that makes it even more fragrant and inviting. The oil instead of butter gives a perfect consistency and irresistible softness to this dessert, even after a few days from preparation. You can also replace the oil of olive with peanut oil if you prefer, or you can try another delicious version without butter enriched with ripe bananas, the banana and peanut donut !


Extra virgin Lemone and olive oil 130 g 
00 flour 350 g
Sugar 180 g
Eggs (medium) 4
Whole milk 50 g
Baking powder for sweets 16 g
Salt up to a pinch
Lemon peel 1






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To prepare the donut with olive oil, start by placing the eggs at room temperature in the bowl of a planetary mixer equipped with whips and also add the sugar, with a pinch of salt (you can also use the electric mixer). Operate the mixer and work the mixture well, then add the grated lemon zest, then the Lemon olive oil flush .

When the oil has absorbed, continue with the milk at room temperature always poured flush . Then sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl, then add the powders little by little to the mixture .

You will need to obtain a homogeneous and fluid compound; butter and flour a rather deep donut mold of 24 cm in diameter. Pour the mixture inside with the help of a spatula: distribute it evenly with the help of the spatula and avoid slamming the mold to level the dough so as not to stop the leavening process. Bake the donut in oil in a static oven preheated to 170 ° for about 50 minutes (if the oven is ventilated at 150 ° for about 40 minutes); if it tends to darken too much, you can cover it with a sheet of parchment paper after the first 30 minutes of cooking. Once cooked, test the toothpick and keep it in the oven for 5 minutes before turning it out. Let it cool down, then turn it out and let it cool completely on a wire rack. Before serving your donut with olive oil, you can sprinkle it with icing sugar or decorate it with a glaze .

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