Pistachio Tiramisù - L'Italiano Recipe

Pistachio Tiramisù

Time: 30 min

A decadent, savory Sicilian twist of an classic Italian dessert that requires no baking!


Pistachios Calcagno Spreadable Cream 40 g
Sesame oil 20 g
Yolks (about 2) 40 g
Sugar 80 g
Water 30 g
Mascarpone 300 g
savoiardi 8
Bitter cocoa powder to taste
Coffee 70 g
Room temperature water 30 g
Pistachio grains 10 g


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To prepare the pistachio tiramisu, place the pistachios in a mixer and blend them until they are powdered, then pour the sesame oil little by little and continue to whisk until you get a cream. Prepare the coffee with the mocha and let it cool.
Place a saucepan with a thick bottom on the fire, pour the water and sugar and bring the syrup to the boil, monitoring the temperature with a food thermometer. When the temperature reaches 115 °, start whipping the yolks separately with an electric mixer.
When the syrup has reached 121 °, remove from the heat and pour it flush into the bowl where you started whipping the yolks, continue whipping at low speed until the mixture has cooled and is clear and frothy, it will take about 10 -12 minutes. At this point add the mascarpone, continuing to whisk with the whips.


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