Tagliatelle Pasta with black summer Truffle - L'Italiano Recipe

Tagliatelle Pasta with black summer Truffle

Time: 15 min

''Bosco D'oro'' Summer Black Truffle with Tagliatelle shows the woodsy flavor of the black summer truffles typical of Umbria.


(4 people)

  • 120 gr. Bosco D'oro summer black truffle
  • 600 gr. Tagliatelle fresh pasta


    1 clove garlic

  • q.s. salt

  • q.s. extra virgin olive oil

Made with Summer truffle slices (tuber aestivum vitt.) 30g x 12 pcs

All the products of the brand Bosco d'Oro


1. Put your pot of water on the fire to cook the pasta. Brush the truffle to remove the topsoil and cut it into julienne strips leaving some slices for decoration.
2. Put the oil and the garlic clove in a pan. Keep in mind that for each person it takes 2/2 and a half tablespoons of olive oil, naturally extra virgin.
3. Let it heat over a very gentle flame and over low heat so that it gives all its aroma.
4. Remove the garlic before it takes color and add the truffle julienne; mix and add the salt. Leave to flavor for a few seconds and turn off the heat
5. Cook the noodles, being careful to always drain them al dente. Add the tagliatelle with the truffle and the sauce to the pan, adding a ladle of cooking water. Skip the noodles for a few seconds and serve immediately.

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