Tranche of fresh seared tuna with gomasio and balsamic glaze - L'Italiano Recipe

Tranche of fresh seared tuna with gomasio and balsamic glaze

Time: 20min

Tranche of fresh tuna cooked in a pan, nothing more simple.


  • 2 slices & nbsp; Tuna & nbsp; (very fresh)
  • qb & nbsp; Gomasio
  • qb & nbsp; Extra virgin olive oil
  • qb & nbsp; Glaze of balsamic vinegar

Made with Pink pepper gomasio_100gr + herb gomasio with chia seeds_100gr

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The meat of the tuna & egrave; particular & nbsp; like many other fish, it needs short cooking, to avoid the loss of juices. So temperatures of maximum 50 & deg; for a short time so that inside it remains pink and juicy. To cook the tranche I banned the salt and flavored the surface with gomasio. & Nbsp; & nbsp; If you have not tried gomasio yet, then you are missing something. And it is not only a matter of palate, because & eacute; if on the one hand this sesame-based dressing & egrave; rich in taste, on the other it allows to & nbsp; limit the use of salt & nbsp; in the kitchen, with all the consequent health benefits: from the well-being of the cardiovascular system, to the contrast of cellulite. But what & rsquo; & egrave; Gomasio? & nbsp; It is a mixture of toasted sesame seeds and sea salt. It is also sometimes enriched with & nbsp; hemp seeds & nbsp; and fragments of Wakame or Nori seaweed. With tuna it is a marvel, it enhances its flavor. Then serve the Tranche with balsamic vinegar glaze, you will feel that goodness !!

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